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Collaborative writing with Draft

April 12, 2013

This post represents a proof-of-concept test for a tool I recently started using. It's called Draft and bills itself as "easy version control and collaboration for writers." To abuse an oft-employed meme, they had me at version control. Google Docs is a great tool, but for straight up writing and editing, Draft removes nearly all of the mentally cluttering options and lets one just write. Better yet, it makes collaboration utterly painless. And then there's that version control … simply fantastic for those of us who enjoy iterative writing.

It's being developed by Nate Kontny and has been out there for about a month at this point, and he's already added new features. One that particularly appeals to me is the ability to publish directly to WordPress and other platforms, which is how I created this post.

  1. April 12, 2013 20:08

    I can’t figure out how to export to Dropbox–it says it’s exporting, but I can’t see where the file goes…have you had any luck?

    • April 13, 2013 21:49

      No, haven’t tried using their exports as yet.

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