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Rechristening: Eintauchen is now Bibliobrary

July 29, 2011

For a while now, I’ve been mulling a name change for this blog. Eintauchen is simply too much of a riddle for those who don’t speak German. It would only follow that when it appears in search results that the name likely has a deterrent effect on potential readers.

Not wanting to completely lose the German origin of the blog, however, I tried to think of a good name to replace it. It had to meet the following criteria:

  • expressible in a domain, i.e.- name and domain are the same
  • be at least somewhat easily speakable in both German and English

I first came up with, but realized that if intonated with a long initial i it would sound as if I were publicly expressing (incorrect) personal preferences. Moreover, it would fall too close to, and that’s just not cool to do to Jessamyn and would make me look like a squatter, to boot.

My brain, my career, and my professional circle span both the North American and German spheres, so I just had to reflect that in the name, which is how I hit upon Bibliobrary (Bibliothek + library = Bibliobrary). Amazingly, the domain was even available.

Many thanks for reading, and I hope the new name is less intimidating.


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