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Twitter and Europop

May 15, 2011

Like a lot of people I’ve spoken with about social media, I tend to use Facebook to interact with friends and family, and try to keep Twitter a bit more professional in tone. That said, we all let our hair down once in a while, and yesterday saw a lot of hair downletting. Why? The 2011 Eurovision Song Contest, that’s why.

Allow me to apologize to anyone who follows me on Twitter and had to endure my steady Eurovision smack talk (sample: British expat singing cheesy song for Romania = bathroom break). Then again, when I see “serious” library folk such as Lorcan Dempsey tweeting about it (expressing his wish to be watching rather than sitting in an airport), I think perhaps we’re all alike in our ability to enjoy some pretty silly events.

Eurovision is pure, unadulterated camp. As such, it brings out the best in the Twitterverse. Below, a sample of my favorites of the day:

  • podwangler: Oooo, Azerbaijan. Arm waviness. Oh no, it just went all awful and duettish. Ew.
  • TomFidler: #Azerbaijan cracking out the white trousers. It was only a matter of time….
  • Konnolsky: There is man in Smolensk who can do what sand artist do but with piss in snow
  • roryenglish: Waiting for sand lady to write “Can I defect? I need asylum” #Ukraine
  • misterebby: “we are angels we are crystal meth” ? Am I hearing things wrong?
  • simon_ryan: Great song Serbia. The 60’s only got there a few weeks ago but valiant effort
  • Yessica89: Echt, even serieus.. Dat dansje van Spanje.. Wat IS dat?! Lijkt wel een apensprongetje ofzo
  • des2k: Greece. And to think we bailed them out to the tune of €3bn
Snarky, funny, and a bit silly, yes. But something about the sheer overwhelming polyglottedness of it impresses me, and while I can’t quite say what it means, I seem to think something huge is happening when people from around the world are watching something–anything–and talking and laughing with each other. As German tweeter claudine summarized:
Aber war schön mit Euch. Was haben wir früher ohne Twitter gemacht? [Was nice with all of you. What did we do earlier without Twitter?]
Indeed. What did we do?

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